Monkey Bar AND Lounge

The name of the bar has a very playful pun, nodding to the monkey bars of the playground. To capitalize on this, I created a logo with a simple line drawing of a mischievous monkey and paired that with a modern yet fun typeface.  The bright pop of color energizes this logo and also surfaces the underlying tone of any bar, of lust and passion.                                                                            

Fog Walk

Fog Walk is a group that hosts meditation/yoga retreats. It has such a distinct and attention grabbing name--however, the challenge was conveying exactly the name means.  With this challenge of re-branding Fog Walk to convey the sensibilities of peace that you get in yoga, I went for a yin/yang elements using negative space to my advantage. The logo also subtly spells out "fog" and overall looks like the shape of a foot print.



The challenging part about this project was making Poke House different among all of the other fish in the sea. To do this, I had to think strategically about the placement of text and imagery. I created the primary logo, incorporating the text within the silhouette of the fish and also brought in vibrant tones of the ocean and salmon. The client wanted secondary logos for diversified packaging; so for consistency and distinction of design, I brought in the same two color tones.